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    I really need to read/watch the Discworld stuff.

    Discworld is a lot more important than people give it credit.

    Everyone needs more Discworld in their lives. It’s brilliant satire that isn’t condescending, and it’s entertaining. At the same time! I really can’t express how much I love Discworld.

    Everyone really does! I recommend it to everyone who comes into my work (it’s a bookshop so not all that weird)


  2. "Several men were lounging around… filling in time between the normal Lancre occupations of poaching and watching the women do the work."
    — Lords and Ladies - Terry Pratchett

  3. To My Amazing Followers - If you have run out of Discworld/Pratchett or don’t know where to start with his novels!

    If you want to start The Discworld series:

    Reaper Man

    Wyrd Sisters

    Guards! Guards!

    Wee Free Men

    And obviously… The Colour of Magic


    Magician – Raymond E. Feist

    Kingkiller Chronicles – Patrick Rothfuss

    Old Kingdom Series – Garth Nix

    The Belgariad & Mallorian – David Eddings

    Black Magician Trilogy – Trudi Canavan

    Traitor Spy Trilogy – Trudi Canavan

    The Books of Pellinor – Alison Croggon

    The Bitterbynde Trilogy – Cecelia Dart-Thornton

    A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin

    Stardust – Neil Gaiman

    The Bone Season – Samantha Shannon

    The Beautiful Land – Alan Averill

    The Hunger Games Trilogy – Suzanne Collins

    The Crowthistle Chronicles – Cecelia Dart-Thornton

    Dragonlance Chronicles – Weis & Hickman

    Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion & Hobbit – Tolkein

    American Gods – Neil Gaiman

    (Fantasy but for Teen/YA – still suitable for adults trust me!)

    North Child – Edith Pattou

    The Maze Runner – James Dashner

    The Scorch Trials – James Dashner

    General Fiction

    Life of Pi – Yann Martell

    The Eyre Affair – Jasper Fforde

    Shades of Grey – Jasper Fforde

    The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins – Irvine Welsh

    The Lemon Grove – Helen Walsh

    The Humans – Matt Haig

    Tampa – Alissa Nutting

    The White Mare – Jules Watson

    The Dawn Stag – Jules Watson

    The Boar Stone – Jules Watson

    The Swan Maiden – Jules Watson

    Lexicon – Max Barry (elements of fantasy/SciFi)

    To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee

     If You Find Me - Emily Murdoch

    Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

    And finally if you’re looking for something in non-fiction (for a bit of a change) Nothing To Envy by Barbara Demick is amazing.


  4. Would anyone be interested in me making a recommends post for books? :) I fancy doing one. 


  5. "No one is more worried by the actual physical manifestation of a god than his priests; it’s like having the auditors in unexpectedly."
    — Terry Pratchett, Pyramids

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    Hey my beautiful followers, please go follow this twitter. All for the good and fun of GISHWHES!

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    664. The worthwhile words don’t burn. (suggested by anon) || 'Carpe jugulum'


  8. This is pretty cool, thought I would share with you guys :)

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    Rincewind #1

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    Sorry that it took me ages.

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    659. If you left off traditions because you didn’t know why they started you’d be no better than a foreigner. || 'Hogfather'


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    Lady Sybil Vimes would have never allowed the dragons to be treated like that and she would have properly trained them


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    x, x


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    "average fictional cop arrests 100 people at a time" factoid actually statistical error. average fictional cop arrests 1 person at a time. sam vimes, who arrested two entire armies at once, is an outlier adn should not have been counted.

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     ”Science of the Discworld” by Katarzyna Oleska 2013

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    I think the Discworld fandom may be my favorite on tumblr. No drama, no shipping wars, no fighting, and everyone just seems so nice.

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