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    sam ‘why can’t i arrest a continent’ vimes

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    luv this zombie

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    Seeing a talented and well known actor casted as one of my favourite characters in not so known movie adaptation of my favourite book… Well Charles Dance just get +10 points in my opinion. 

    And let’s be honest: his Vetinari is just perfect.

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  4. "Humans are always slightly lost. It’s a basic characteristic. It explains a lot about them."
    — Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies (via n0b0by)

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  5. "He’d noticed that sex bore some resemblance to cookery: it fascinated people, they sometimes bought books full of complicated recipes and interesting pictures, and sometimes when they were really hungry they created vast banquets in their imagination - but at the end of the day they’d settle quite happily for egg and chips. If it was well done and maybe had a slice of tomato."
    — Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant. (via mysharona1987)

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    Granny Weatherwax done by Cathy, who is very much like her :3c. Dank je wel, Cath!

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  7. "On nights such as this, witches are abroad. Well, not actually abroad. They don’t like the food and you can’t trust the water and the shamans always hog the deckchairs."
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    more doodles; some discworld women

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    He’d be home in time. Would a minute have mattered? No, probably not, although his young son appeared to have a very accurate internal clock. Possibly even two minutes would be okay. Three minutes, even. You could go to five, perhaps. But that was just it. If you could go to five minutes, then you’d go to ten, then half an hour, a couple of hours … and not see your son all evening. So that was that. Six o’clock, prompt. Every day. Read to Young Sam. No excuses. He’d promised himself that. No excuses. No excuses at all. Once you had a good excuse, you opened the door to bad excuses.

    He had nightmares about being too late.

    He had a lot of nightmares about Young Sam. They involved empty cots and darkness.

    It had all been too … good. In a few short years, he, Sam Vimes, had gone up in the world like a balloon. He was a Duke, he commanded the Watch, he was powerful, he was married to a woman whose compassion, love, and understanding he knew a man such as he did not deserve, and he was as rich as Creosote. Fortune had rained its gravy, and he’d been the man with the big bowl. And it had all happened so fast.

    And then Young Sam had come along. At first it had been fine. The baby was, well, a baby, all lolling head and burping and unfocused eyes, entirely the preserve of his mother. And then, one evening, his son had turned and looked directly at Vimes, with eyes that for his father outshone the lamps of the world, and fear had poured into Sam Vimes’ life in a terrible wave. All this good fortune, all this fierce joy … it was wrong. Surely the universe could not allow this amount of happiness in one man, not without presenting a bill. Somewhere a big wave was cresting, and when it broke over his head it would wash everything away. Some days, he was sure he could hear its distant roar …


    Young Sam pulled himself up against the cot’s rails, and said “Da!” The world went soft.

    Vimes stroked his son’s hair. It was funny, really. He spent the day yelling and shouting and talking and bellowing … but here, in this quiet time smelling (thanks to Purity) of soap, he never knew what to say. He was tongue-tied in the presence of a fourteen-month-old baby. All the things he thought of saying, like “Who’s Daddy’s little boy, then?” sounded horribly false, as though he’d got them from a book. There was nothing to say, nor, in this soft pastel room, anything that needed to be said.

    ~ Terry Pratchett, Thud!

    Image from Where’s My Cow?, illustrated by Melvyn Grant.

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  11. The audio drama, which begins recording today in a secret London location, has a cast including Colin Morgan (Merlin, The Fall) as Newton Pulsifer, Josie Lawrence (Skins, EastEnders) as Agnes Nutter and Paterson Joseph (Peep Show, Green Wing) as Famine, as well as a host of delightful cameos, from the Gardeners’ Question Time team to Neil and Terry themselves. Other cameos are set to delight listeners, but they are under wraps for now. Probably in a dusty occult bookshop in Covent Garden, but no one is quite sure. (x)

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    I’ve been wanting to draw ankhmorporkuniversity margolotta again for ages now and then I saw this post and I absolutely had to go for it

    zoom in for details like the pattern on her docs, her bat tattoos and her glitter nail varnish

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    has this been done before

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  14. "Commander Vimes didn’t like the phrase ‘The innocent have nothing to fear’, believing the innocent had everything to fear, mostly from the guilty but in the longer term even more from those who say things like ‘The innocent have nothing to fear’."
    — Terry Pratchett (via beornwulf)

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  15. "Nature abhors dimensional abnormalities, and seals them neatly away so that they don’t upset people. Nature, in fact, abhors a lot of things, including vacuums, ships called the “Marie Celeste”, and the chuck keys for electric drills."
    — Pyramids - Terry Pratchett